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Are You Where You Want to Be?

Being a leader is demanding. Every day you solve problems, support your team and do all you can to help your organization achieve its goals.  

But what about your goals? Your ambitions and passions? Are you where you want to be on your leadership journey – or do you want something more?  

Chart a New Course

With the right roadmap, you can reach any destination. If you’re ready to achieve more as a leader, here’s your chance to chart a new course and get where you want to go. 

Take it to The Next Level

Make 2019 the year you make it happen. Join me for a game-changing weekend, January 4-6, in the breathtaking Colorado Rockies for “Leading at the Next Level,” a transformative leadership experience designed to help you become all the leader you can be.  


Who you are as a leader  

Your unique style and strengths  

Your leadership purpose  

How to leverage lessons you’ve learned in the past Ways to achieve dreams for your future  


Seven critical leadership skills you need to succeed in today’s rapidly changing environment  

A step-by-step process for breaking through roadblocks at work  

The secret to keeping your cool under pressure  

Five cognitive strategies to help you lead more effectively through change  

How to find greater joy in your personal life while succeeding at work  


Develop an action plan to accomplish your most important goals in 2019 – and beyond.  

Clarify your long-term leadership goals and envision your ultimate career destination  

Your Instructor, Mentor and Coach

Hello! I’m Elise Mitchell, a three-time CEO, leadership strategist, executive coach, author, wife and mom. I've coached and trained leaders from various industries ranging from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies and am passionate about pouring into leaders to equip them for success.  

My goal is to inspire and equip you to lead at the next level. 

During this weekend, I’ll be your personal instructor, mentor and coach, I’ll take you through unique, thought-provoking content I’ve created and tested to deliver game-changing results.  

Seats are limited to ensure a small-group atmosphere and reflective experience that also includes one-on-one time with me.  

To find out more about me, please connect with me on LinkedIn.  

Find out more on my website, EliseMitchell.com.

Event Information

DATE January 4-6, 2019 Activities begin Friday at 6:00 p.m. and conclude Sunday by 3:00 p.m.  

LOCATION The Studio, Boulder, Colorado  

SCHEDULE Your weekend will be filled with learning and inspiration but conveniently scheduled so you can be back in the office first thing Monday.  

Friday, January 4 – 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Saturday, January 5 – 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Sunday, January 6 – 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  


Location Details

 We'll gather in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, at The Studio -- one of Boulder's hottest new co-working spaces. You’ll be minutes from popular Pearl Street shopping/dining and less than two hours from Winter Park Ski Resort.  

Boulder is served by Denver International Airport with dozens of daily non-stops. Several hotels are nearby, one within walking distance. Participants receive a discount when staying at Hyatt Place Boulder/Pearl Street.  

Proven Tools, Processes and Techniques

You’ll receive a notebook filled with leadership teachings, applications and proven tools and processes to help you lead at the next level including:  

  • Leadership roadmap – A customized roadmap complete with your strengths, values, purpose, short-term and long-term goals
  • 90-day game plan – Strategies and actions to jump-start your 2019 and work toward your goals 
  • Velocity Leadership Framework™ – Seven competencies of high-performing leaders, self-assessment and detailed checklist of skills you need to master each competency  
  • Breakthrough™ – Step-by-step process for overcoming fears and triggers holding you back 
  • Think. Act. Lead.™ – Help yourself and your team think at a higher level and develop better ideas
  • Enjoy the Ride© – Assessment and planning tool for creating greater work/life balance  

Every participant will also receive a signed copy of my book, Leading Through the Turn (McGraw Hill 2017).  

What Leaders Say

"If I had to choose between a conference or an Elise Mitchell leadership experience, I would choose hers each time. The hands-on training and development I received from Elise was a transformative investment that will last over the course of my leadership journey."  



“Elise’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious. She conveys her tremendous insights and knowledge with a vitality that makes you hang on every word, every concept, every idea that she shares. I use her teachings now and will throughout my career.”  



"Elise's leadership training helped me through a difficult time. She gave me a flood of encouragement and knowledge on how to tackle tough problems such as communicating challenging messages and managing work-life balance. She provided tools and techniques like the five steps for effective delegation and cognitive optimization. Elise gave me confidence in who I am as a leader and who I can become."  



"Elise Mitchell's experience, coupled with a deep understanding of the science of leadership, make her a superb teacher. You will leave with action steps for upping your own game."  



Why You Should Do This

Gaining clarity can transform your life. Having a strong sense of your purpose, passion and goals can help you find new joy and meaning in leadership.  

 This experience is for leaders who want to go from:  

Unfocused and stretched  

Reacting and responding  

Obsessed and driven  

Fearful and uncertain  

Burned out  

Work/life conflict  

To leaders who want to achieve:

Clarity and direction  

Initiation and drive  

Being fully present and engaged  

Confidence and courage  

Energy and passion  

A healthier blending of work/life  


Who Should Attend?

“Leading at the Next Level” is open to anyone. You don’t have to be a certain age, experience level, or from a certain industry. But it’s not for everyone. It’s designed for high-performing leaders who want to become all the leader they can be.  

This unique leadership experience is ideal for you if you want to:

Invest in yourself so you can lead at the next level  

Close your gaps and improve your skills  

Lead a team through difficult change  

Increase your impact as a leader  

Better manage stress and pressure – and help others do the same Learn more about your leadership potential  

Avoid burn-out, renew and recharge  

Overcome a leadership challenge you’re facing  

Make a job change and equip yourself for the road ahead  

Find greater clarity about your leadership purpose  

How Is This Different from Other Leadership Experiences?

Most leadership experiences are either inspiring or practical. “Leading at the Next Level” is both. Inspiring – Reflect on who you are as a leader and clarify what you want for your next and ultimate leadership destinations.  

Practical – Learn the skills you need to succeed and how you can improve. Set short-term and long-term goals. Develop a 90-day action plan to jumpstart 2019.  

The result? Transformational. Once you’re clear about your leadership purpose, path and potential, you’ll never be the same again.  

Yes, I'm Ready to Lead at the Next Level

Our January workshop sold out in two weeks. But we'd love to tell you more about the April 2019 "Leading at the Next Level" workshop. Ready to find out more?



Bring a Friend  

(receive a 10% discount when you bring a friend)


PLEASE NOTE: Travel expenses are NOT included in these prices and must be paid separately.

Course and payment information will be sent shortly after registration. 

Questions? Click here for more information.


What if I change my mind?  

We do not issue refunds for this leadership experience. However, we understand things happen. So if for some reason you are unable to make the entirety of the class, we will give you a credit toward another EliseMitchell.com leadership experience at the amount for which you purchased the course. For further questions, contact support@elisemitchell.com.  

Who else will be in attendance?  

You will be with other leaders who are interested in becoming the most effective leader they can be. Elise has coached and trained leaders from various industries ranging from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies, nationally and internationally. One of her last courses attracted leaders between the ages of 32 and 62, from seven different industries and eight states.  

We welcome leaders of all ages, experience levels, industries and backgrounds. The only requirement is that you are eager to learn and grow.  

What is The Studio?  

The Studio is one of Boulder’s hottest co-working facilities, and we are very excited to have secured it for this class. This is a vibrant, dynamic space that attracts entrepreneurs and creative leaders from throughout the Denver metro area. We have arranged to have private access to this facility for the weekend. It is an open, airy environment with plenty of light.  

Find out more here.  

How should I plan my travel?  

Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements and costs. You may stay wherever you wish. However, we have been able to secure a special discount at Hyatt Place Boulder/Pearl Street, which is within walking distance of The Studio. Use this link to register with the discount code G-VCRB.

Driving time from The Studio:

  • Denver International Airport – 40 minutes 
  • Colorado Springs Airport – 2 hours 
  • Winter Park Ski Resort – 90 minutes 
  • Boulder’s Pearl Street shopping/dining district – 6 minutes 
  • Downtown Denver – 30 minutes  

What meals are included?  

Breakfast and lunch are included in your registration fee for both Saturday and Sunday. These will be catered in to our meeting facility. Please let us know if you have any food allergies. All other meals are on your own. You will also have access to a full-service kitchen and coffee machine throughout the day.  

Is this course eligible for continuing education credit?  

It very well might be. Prior participants in Elise’s courses have received CEUs. Check with the accrediting body for your industry to be sure. We are happy to fill out any paperwork needed to help you apply for credit.  

For additional questions, contact support@elisemitchell.com.  


For additional questions, contact support@elisemitchell.com.

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